Current Set:

Player: Cambridge Audio 752BD

AV amp: Marantz SR8012

DSP: MiniDSP 2×4 HD for Dayton audio.

Woofer amplifier: Apollon audio NCMP700

Loudspeakers Woofers: Dayton audio RSS390HO-4 in closed 65 liters

Loudspeakers mids and highs: B&C 15CNX76 in dipole enclosure.

About Measurements

Measurement Equipment: Laptop with ARTA Soundcard: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Gen III Measurement microphone: Sonarworks XREF-20 Lots of cables.

Current hifi setup and equipment

Measurements of hifi-devices.

Coaxial speaker near field measurement Coaxial speaker and woofer tower measured from 1 meters. 50Hz peak is not real but more of interference from somewhere. Chorus mondo center speaker measurements Very old speakers: B&W DM12 from 1985 or something. Old cheap ones: JPW Minimonitors (tweeter cap changed from electrolytic to mkp). Main speakers measured from …

New loudspeaker project

I have long time planned to do new loudspeakers so that woofer section remains same and new design for highs and mids. Speaker elements Seas W15LY001  2pcs/channel for mids Tweeter is Seas  T25CF001 Structure of speaker is MMT in closed 22 net litres enclosure.  Test fitting of enclosure Test fitting First parts are glued TMore …

The 1515 Project

The road with SLS8″ has been gone through. Those cannot give me any more. Also middles and tweeter needed something new. Woofer section I have long time had idea to update my woofers to something new, with much improved low end. When I had possibility to obtain Dayton Audio RSS390HO-4, I knew that i have …

The Tube

Long time a go i build loudspeakers based on Seas P17 RE TVFC/COAX elements. Closed enclosure 12 litres net volume. From the archives i found schematics for the crossover network. Since on that time my knowledge of loudspeaker design was very limited, the crossover is designed using ”Stetson”-method. It was simulated using ltspice (no acoustical …