Palaa kohteeseen Hifi

New loudspeaker project

I have long time planned to do new loudspeakers so that woofer section remains same and new design for highs and mids.

Speaker elements

Seas W15LY001  2pcs/channel for mids

Tweeter is Seas  T25CF001

Structure of speaker is MMT in closed 22 net litres enclosure. 

Simulated response of 20 liter enclosure

Test fitting of enclosure

Test fitting

First parts are glued

TMore gluing

Quick prototype testing of flush mounting of element. Firstly the edges of embedding made with proxxon small drill and miller tool. Then after that bigger Bosch to finish milling. Quite ok result for first try. Milling bits needs to be right ones. 

Actual front panel done using method above. Quite nice result, only few mistakes. 

T-Nuts for elements in places. I used 2k epoxy for good stick to MDF.

Base layer paint. Not perfect, but has to do.

Prototype assembled. Minor issues with painting. Needs to be fixed. 

No final crossover, just minidsp 2×4 HD (because i am lazy). 

Raw measurements, elements just dropped to simulator with simple xovers

Quick optimization of xover. Seems decent, not good though. 

Latest simulations of project. 


I have long been thinking of replacing good old sls bass tower with something else.

After long period of wondering i decided to go for Dayton audio RSS390-HO 15″. Then one pair was available with reasonable price i decided to purchase those.

I decided to go for closed box for Daytons (as usual) and after simulations it seemed that 65 liters and Linkwitz correlation would do the work.

First listening and quick measurement/adjustment of minidsp:s gave promise of good performance.

Measurement is made from listening position, overlay of both channels individually measured.