Palaa kohteeseen Hifi

The 1515 Project

The road with SLS8″ has been gone through.

Those cannot give me any more.

Also middles and tweeter needed something new.

Woofer section

I have long time had idea to update my woofers to something new, with much improved low end. When I had possibility to obtain Dayton Audio RSS390HO-4, I knew that i have to try those.

First simulations with 65 liters closed box seems to be promising.

End result, MDF enclosures.

Upper section

But then, what to have as middles and high frequencies?
I have heard some nice demos of PA coaxial elements.
Then I decided to byu audiovideo Piste15″ kit
Kit has B&C15CNX76 element and passive crossover.
But ofcouse i could not follow kit.
Kit is for full frequency range with reflex enclosure.
I decided to do Dipole and only from 200 and up (daytons should do below 200).

Once again with MDF.

End result

Current speakers are more or less proof-of consept, not final versions, so therefore finish of enclosures is a bit quick and dirty. I used dc-fix membrane (self-adhesive thin coloured). Not looking nice, but speakers are still one colour.

Frequency responce of left speaker from listening position.I am pretty happy with it. Response is ok and low freqyency is extended to 15Hz (no eq on woofer, just room boost).